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I love the New Boba 4G carries! They are amazing. I love the little insert already in it. My son as a preemie and fit perfectly in it and was comfortable. It is also a life saver! When he doesn’t wanna be put down, I throw my carrier on and do my daily chores. It’s comfortable for me and baby. It is also wonderful how active I can be outside with my older children while out doors. I love it.

Boba is a company that produces top-of-the-line baby carriers and wraps. Started by a couple traveling the world with their two children, Boba has become an award-winning option for parents looking to wear their children.

Baby wearing has been around for centuries, but we have been learning more than ever about the benefits. For instance:  Did you know that babies who are carried cry 43% less than babies who are not carried? Did you know that they sleep better, learn faster and are overall healthier than their non-worn peers?

The Boba Carrier 4G is unique for its ability to be used all throughout infancy, the early childhood years. It can be safely used from 7-45 lbs! To put that in perspective, most 5 year olds are around 45 pounds! Also, for you moms and dads who are a bit shorter or taller, this carrier comfortably fits heights from 5′, all the way to 6’3″. Wow!

You can use the Boba in a front carry, back carry, even while breastfeeding! Some of the unique features of the Boba include:  a purse strap, footstraps, a hood, pockets(!), an infant insert, and the body of the carrier comes up 2-3″ higher than most other carriers.

Looking for something even more versatile? Boba has something for that too! The Boba Wrap is a super affordable option at only $38. The wrap is perfect for newborns, up to children 18 months old. With many of the same benefits of the Boba 4G, this wrap comes in 8 different colors, so there is something that everyone can find to love.


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You can win a Boba 4G carrier for yourself! You can choose the design even!! Open to U.S. Residents only. 18 and older. Ends February 15 midnight EST. Winner will have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. Check back at It’s Peachy Keen for the winner to be announced. Any questions regarding this giveaway or any other giveaway hosted by me. Email me at Itspeachykeen(at) 

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  1. Melinda Stephens says:

    I would use it on trips to the grocery store and farmer’s market down the street.

  2. Jennifer Dunn says:

    I would use it most at farmer’s markets and at the park.

  3. I would use it mostly for shopping and when we travel it would be really helpful. I love the way it made it looks amazing 🙂

  4. anne perry says:

    To the farmer’s market, around the house… basically everywhere.

  5. Kortney Picker says:

    I think I would use this most when we are out and about (shopping, at the park, etc) I have a toddler and this would be great for our new baby (due in less than 4 weeks!!!) I would love to have hands free to assist with the needs of our toddler!

  6. Heather B says:

    I think where WOULDN’T I use it would be an easier question! Out for walks, cooking, shopping… I would use it ALL the time!

  7. Samantha G says:

    I would use it to get house work done.

  8. I ‘d use it outdoors in the summer/fall, indoors in the winter

  9. I would wear this baby carrier while out on hikes.

  10. Colleen Maurina says:

    We go to our zoo frequently, so this would be great for that!

  11. This would be so useful when my daughter is acting crazy and my son doesn’t want to take a nap or be put down. Plus all our trips to the zoo!

  12. Tabitha Belfort says:

    So cute! Id use it for shopping trips

  13. dania cioffi says:

    I would use it around the house to get chores done and out to the mall so convenient not to have to push a stroller.

  14. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    I think I would wear it most around the house while working and when running errands.

  15. I would be giving this to my grand daughter’s mother to use. I can only imagine that she would use it everywhere she goes when she has the baby with her.

  16. I would wear it everywhere.. but specifically to a wedding I have in June!

  17. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would use it on our walks and at the stores the most!

  18. Melissa c says:

    Probably the grocery store and home! It’s like having extra hands!

  19. Michelle N. says:

    I would use this everywhere. Grocery shopping, walks on the park, etc.

  20. My niece has a toddler and a new born this would really help her out.

  21. At home and the grocery store.

  22. Robin Abrams says:

    I would use for shopping when I take my grandkids with me. This would come in real handy

  23. Debbie Frick says:

    This would be for my daughter. She would use this around the house and on their hikes

  24. Kylene Barber says:

    I would use mine most when I take the older kids to the park to hang on to the little one while they play! They are also really helpful when spending a day or three at Disneyland! 🙂

  25. I would use it for shopping and errands!

  26. I would use it to do chores!

  27. savannah logan says:

    I would use my carrier the most at home to get daily chores done!

  28. Crystal Bryan says:

    Have always wanted a carrier like this! would be super helpful around the house!

  29. Kari Barone says:

    I would use it daily to do housework and for running errands.

  30. Genavie Hess says:

    I live downtown so everything is within walking distance and this would be the best thing ever since I really like the freedom of not using a stroller.

  31. Brianna Mace says:

    I would use it everywhere, especially at the grocery store.

  32. Andrea Mc says:

    Shopping trips and social events

  33. I would use this for my daily walk!

  34. Tracy Gordon says:

    I would wear it to the grocery store, around the house, basically everywhere!

  35. on walks and shopping

  36. The zoo!

  37. Mostly at home to get things done and at the store.

  38. I would use it most when I go shopping

  39. natalie parvis says:

    I would use it out running errands!

  40. Amber catron says:

    Shopping abd outtingsvthis coming summer 🙂

  41. Nicole Sender says:

    For walks in my neighborhood.

  42. Rebekah Homutoff says:

    I wore my first 3 babies pretty much from newborn up and expecting a fourth. I am 17 weeks and still wear my 2 year old. The Boba would come in handy anywhere, but I would say going out and about it is the most handy. It looks so easy to just click on and off compared to having to mess with a wrap.

  43. Christa Lopez says:

    I would use it mostly for shopping.

  44. I’d probably use it most around my house!

  45. Malesa Brown says:

    Being a single mom, I would use it everywhere. Especially at home when cooking and cleaning. I also don’t have a car at the moment so this would make walking places with my toddler a breeze.

  46. I would use the Boba everywhere as I chase my nearly-3 year old and care for my soon-to-be born baby girl!

  47. Vanessa Lein says:

    I would use it every time i leave the house to te store going on walks at the gym– having 3kids it will be helpful to wear the little one.

  48. At the park and farmers market.

  49. Samantha Plotkin says:

    Getting around NYC. Strollers are a big pain on the subway

  50. We are always on the go with our son. Whether it is may going for a walk , a day trip top Washington DC, or the Civil War fields. Having one of these would make it a lot easier!

  51. Christina Strapp says:

    The grocery store and the mall.

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