Reason You Shouldn’t Order Lemon In Your Water While Dinning

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To Lemon or Not To Lemon

I recently read an article published in the Huffington Post about lemon wedges and restaurants. Mind you the article is not for the squeamish. They spoke about the high amount of bacteria that was found on the skins of lemon that we often use in our restaurant drinks.. You can read more about it here if you wish to do so.

Although I found the article really grossed me out when I read it through. It stands to reason why it is usually a standard requirement that all food handlers wear some sort of plastic gloves and hairnets or caps when around food. So many germs, no wonder people do get sickā€¦ and just remember that germs are everywhere.. in restaurants, buses, cars, virtually everything, including all surfaces. What makes it even worse is that germs also travel through the air, so when a person sneezes.. you just have to ponder just how far those germs travel and where they land.

Although germs are everywhere, it is important that you wash your hands properly before handling food, using the washroom, or even wiping your nose. Eating properly, getting the proper rest, and taking vitamins will also help to boost your resistance to germs.

Another thing that you can do to help eliminate the spread of germs is to make sure that you have a couple of fingernail brushes or a new dish scrubber ready to scrub the germs from your fruits and vegetables that you bring home from the grocery store.

Do you usually order lemon in your water at restaurants ?? If so, will you think twice about doing this now ?

Do you regularly scrub the skins of your fruits and vegetables when you bring them home from the grocery store?

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  1. I most certainly will think twice before ordering lemons in my water or anything else for that matter from now on. That is crazy! I usually wash my fruits though but no matter how clean you think they are they’re never clean enough.

  2. Ewwww!! Thankfully I do not request lemon wedges, just ice. Man we can’t trust anything anymore wow. Great post Priscilla! Have a great one -Iva

  3. Janette Polivka says:

    So disgusting!! Unfortunately it’s not very surprising being that people are very inconsiderate these days. Hypocrites really. Sad that we even have to worry about things like this. Before long we will have to walk around in a plastic bubble!! I must share this with my mother because she always orders lemons with her water.. guess people are going to have to start bringing their own!

  4. Germs are everywhere, yes i scrub my fruits when i bring them home, i try to buy organic as much as i can afford. But i think most of the restaurants besides germs have so many preservatives in food that is not any less bad for us, lemon in a water just the touch of an iceberg!

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