#HoneyBakedEaster Brunch and Dinner

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Are you looking for an amazing tasting Easter meal this holiday? We all are, aren’t we? I would love an amazing meal that looked like I slaved over the oven for hours without actually doing just that. HoneyBaked Ham has so much to offer. They give you already prepped, delicious hams or turkey to go. They ever have some amazing sides. The perfect place to stop and grab an entire Easter dinner without doing all the work and for a fraction of the price if you were to make it all yourself.


We got a 4lb HoneyBaked Ham and also some sliced smoked turkey. I must say I am not a huge ham person but this was amazing. I kept sneaking pieces as I was getting it prepped to serve my family. It was ever a hit with the kids. The ham crust, OMG=Is fabulous! I was like who knew I could love ham. Well the whole family had plenty to fill our stomachs for a brunch and even got one of their cheesecakes for dessert. Later on that night since we were kinda hungry but not for an entire meal all over. We whipped up some ham and turkey sandwiches. We even had enough to send people home with left overs. I am blown away by how amazing it tasted and was. The smell outside the store in Mechanicsburg, Pa was mouth watering.


Even there mayo are so good. I will be restocking this in my fridge for sure. 


If you are looking for that amazing Easter Brunch without all that hard work. Spend more time with the family this year. Let HoneyBaked Ham do most of the cooking for you.

Check out their website for a location near you or the amazing deals they are offering. HONEYBAKED HAM WEBSITE

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  1. I think this looks delicious


  3. Nothing like a good ham on easter, It’s my fav!

  4. Birdiebee says:

    That ham looks delicious. I am curious about the Three Pepper Mayonnaise. I would love to try this.

  5. Amanda Aspling says:

    That looks so good. I’ve never seen Three Pepper Mayo before. It sounds interesting.

  6. Carissa Joslyn says:

    This looks really good. I have poor sense of taste as I can’t smell that good. We had Ham dinner for Easter & I didn’t even know it was ham. ha I had to ask. but it was really dry & I thought it was turkey. lol oops this looks great though!

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