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When your thinking of what you need for the new baby that is about to arrive or planning for one in the near future. Your mind is over whelmed with the top brand stroller and crib. It’s not until all that dies down that we look at the shampoo, diaper cream isle like, what the heck! Yes we have a great stroller but the most important thing, what are we going to bathe our baby with? It has to be sensitive as their skin is so delicate. Something natural and has your baby in mind. Natural baby care is very important to me and my son.


Burt’s Bee’s has many products that are amazing. They in fact blow me away every day we use them. They are great for my son. He is super sensitive and once we tried Burt’s Bees natural baby shower gel, I was in love. I am in love with all the products actually. My favorite being the cream to powder,  that has baby powder in it. It is so smooth but really helps protect his butt when he is a little more red the normal.


Some other products that we tried from Burt’s Bees were the Baby Bee Nourishing Lotion, is so super soft. The Baby Bee Shampoo and Body wash, I mentioned I fell in love with. Also the Chlorine Free Wipes that were moist and did a great job at cleaning up messes. The multipurpose ointment did amazing wonders with his poor dry cheeks with all this crazy weather.

Checking out the ingredients. YEP, Looks good

Checking out the ingredients. YEP, Looks good

Going natural right from the start just let’s you enjoy your baby just as a baby. It’s important what we put into their bodies and on it. It’s important that when we wash them up all spik and span that they are clean without hurting any of their body in harsh chemicals. Baby Bee products from Burt’s Bee is simply simple. They let me clean my baby boy up and keep him feel good without making him break out in a rash or a bad reaction to some chemical I can’t even say. When you start this from day one, it’s easy to keep going. Not to mention your protecting them in a way from all that harsh stuff out there.

I have been a fan of Burt’s Bees forever. Now that I can use it and my son. I am sold and loving it. I never realized how a natural product would work with my baby. He has no reactions but smiles. It took us a good year to find stuff that worked and didn’t cause side effects on him like rashes, irritable skin, bumps, and more.


  • All Baby Bee products are made with natural ingredients and fragrances.
  • Buttermilk for moisturizing.
  • Beeswax to help lock in moisture.
  • Shea butter to soften dry skin.
  • Aloe vera to soothe irritated skin.
  • Coconut oil to help nurture, young sensitive skin.
  • Natural products are gentle and soothing on babies’ delicate skin.
    • With natural products, trust you are giving your baby the best. Expecting and new mothers can trust Baby Bee natural skincare products to keep their babies healthy, happy and safe.
    • Burt’s Bees Baby Bee uses natural ingredients in all their products, to be gentle on baby’s delicate skin and give them a soothing start to life.


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  1. Penny Delgado says:

    This product seems very nice to try on my son. I have heard of this brand but, thought it was no good so stuck with Johnson & Johnson for my daughters. Now we have a new baby boy that is 4 month’s old now and I will have to give it a try and buy it Thanks for writing this review.

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