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Are you looking to revamp your living space or bedroom space? SAUDER furniture has the best looking furniture and at super amazing prices. They really offer a great quality furniture line with your budget in mind. They give you options to fit in a lot of several budgets without ever over spending no matter how big or small your price limit is. SAUDER has some really great collections too. I love their Harbow View collection.


I got the Barrister Lane Collection entertainment cardenza in a salt oak finish. I must say it looks just like the picture. The stand is heavy and strong. It was pretty easy for my husband to build. My kids also helped build it and mess around with all the energy being passed around the room. T.V’s have become a center piece for a room. So the furniture they stand on or hang above should matter. Thats right where your eye goes. You can even say you stare at that spot for a few hours a day. I fell in love with this stand online. It is not only strong and will last a long time but it was under $300. That blew me away.

If I bought this stand anywhere else by a different brand, I’d be paying with my arms and legs. This price makes it affordable for me to keep purchasing more form the collection to match. SAUDER is just amazing. The customer service is superior if any issues do arrise, so no worries if you do order online or purchase from a local store that carries them. This T.V. stand even has tempered glass. Is great for the fact I have three kids and one who is learning to walk. He already gets inside the stand, I can;t imagine if he fell into the door and it broke just like real glass. This saves him or anyone that breaks it by not allowing them to get super hurt. SAUDER is a great brand and delivers with their quality and customer in mind. I am not just saying all this so you check them out. They are worth the check, by the way. They are true and I have several pieces of their stuff in my house. My whole bedroom is decked out in SAUDER. Thats because I want nice, grown up furniture. With our 3 kids, it’s hard to spend $1,000 on one dresser or just know it will probably be colored on or broken some point down the road.


So be sure to check them out and see what is you style of furniture there! What is your favorite collection? I would love to know.

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