Walmarts Best Plans For Starting School

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Is your child starting school this year? Well this year both of my kids start school. The one is starting Kindergarten. She is so big now. I worry an awful lot about her and all the what ifs. Now a days it scares me to not be watching over her for all the bad things life throws at us. I know she has to grow up. The best thing to stay connected with her when she goes to school in case of emergency is a cell phone. Walmarts best plans for starting school $34.88/month for Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web paired with a smartphone for under $100. This is an easy way for her to contact me in case of emergency. 


This is also perfect because it’s a super low cost and easy for her to use. She could also play a game or two while riding the bus and then turn the phone off. We got her the WFM Alcatel One Touch Fierce ($99.88) and starter kit. It is perfect for her. It gives her the freedom of everything a phone offers and is also still so cheap. She will work to earn to pay her monthly fee. If she doesn’t, no worries. A no contract phone is perfect for a first time phone.

When we got to Walmart to check out Walmarts Best Plans, she was too excited. She was going bonkers in the isle.


Then she calmed down and really wanted to study the phone.


Then she decided she was going to pay for it, grabbed my purse, and off she went.


She is so ready for school. She feels super cool to play games sometimes but also knows my number is there to call if there is an emergency. I had her walk to her bus stop and she had to make sure her phone was in her backpack.


My daughter is young but I feel better knowing she has a way to contact me. Even if she never uses it other then for games. She is ready to go and if she needs me on the go, she can get a hold of me.

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  1. Looks like the perfect phone for your daughter. They sure grow up fast, don’t they? #client

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