It’s Pumpkin Spice Time Contigo West Loop

I received samples in exchange for my review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


Yes, It’s that time of year. When everyone is going crazy for that pumpkin flavored everything. I am a bit guilty of that myself. Pumpkin anything, I want or need to try! My most favorite is coffee of course. I love my coffee. Some mornings I wonder what would happen if I skipped that delightful cup. Even on the go I can drink it with the West Loop Contigo cup. This my mom friends and gents is “the” cup.  You have kids to get to school, I do! So I don’t always get to sit on my porch covered in pumpkins and fall decor to enjoy my coffee. I am 90% of the time making my coffee to go.


This new Contigo West Loop mug is the best. It’s so easy to clean. the lid is just the lid. No special little hidden spots that get all gross or have to be cleaned with a fine little tooth brush. You can trust a regular wash will get the job done. The lid is also leak proof. Not sure about you but I have enough mess int he car from the kids, I’d love to not add to it. Not to mention the West Loop keeps my coffee hot for hours! So plenty of time to enjoy that cup on the go and at home while still hot.



While some people beg for fall to be here and in a hurry to buy everything for cold weather. This is one mug you can use all year long. Fall, winter, spring, and summer this is the perfect on the go mug. While your sipping from your leak proof, clean mug you can enjoy a cold beverage in it as well. In fact that stays cold too for hours! This is just a win, win sorta thing.


While speaking of Fall, have you seen Christmas decor out? Holy cow are they rushing it. Every year it’s here faster and faster. When you see this mug on sale. Snatch it up for the Holidays now and give it as a gift. That drink on the go lover will love it and you. This isn’t just for coffee either. Put some ice tea in it or milk. I did mention this is super easy and cleanable. Go ahead and put that milk in it. Contigo even gave us a super amazing coupon code to share! So if you in fact want one for yourself or for a friend. Grab it now with this coupon code. These aren’t always on sale!  Contigo discount code for 20% off: WESTLOOP20 (This expires on October 31)  #1 selling line of travel mugs!


THERE will be a GIVEAWAY posted soon for FOUR(4) travel mugs to one lucky winner! So be sure to keep watching! Assorted colors too!



  1. Boy would I love to have this mug and I sure need a new one. I like the look of this one.

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