Bring A Mummy To The Party #Recipe

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Looking for a last minute quick Halloween idea that will be the hit of the party. Grab up some Mott’s Fruit rolls up and get to creating. Betty Crocker offers a ton of snacks that have great potential to create a unique edible craft!

Try to make these marshmallow mummies on a stick! The take seconds to create and a memory that will last a life time for your kids.


You will need 

Wax Paper

Mott’s Fruit Roll Ups

Big Marshmallows

Writing Icing (Any color)

Candy Eyes

Paper Straws.

First you want to start by cutting your fruit roll up into strips. Do this on the wax paper because it is sticky and will stick. 


Then you want to twist your paper straw into your marshmallow. 


Now get a strip of fruit roll up and wrap it around your marshmallow.  Also get your writing icing and put two dabs where you want the eyes and push the eyes on. 


Now finish the mummy but wrapping it up with the other fruit roll up strips until it’s covered to your liking. It can be a little messy, it is a mummy! 

Then after you all done you can enjoy or put them in a jar and serve at your up and coming party. 


CHECK Out more Ideas on the Betty Crocker website- CLICK HERE 



  1. So fast and adorabe!

  2. Renee Smith says:

    I didn’t know Motts even made fruit strips. These would be cute any time of year-at least my girls would enjoy making and eating them.

  3. heidi eaton says:

    These are adorable and so easy to make. I wish I had thought of this for the many Halloween parties I’ve had for my kids when the were younger.

  4. My granddaughters love Mott’s Fruit Rolls. I have to make these cute mummy treats next Halloween. Thanks for the steps.

  5. I would love these with my Granddaughters!

  6. Jennifer Herman says:

    I love this idea – Thanks!

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