Mazda 6 2015

I got to drive this for a week in exchange for a post. Thanks to Mazda and STI. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


I will start by saying ” I LOVE THIS CAR”. Seriously! I own one. Well I own the Mazda 6 2009 version. So when I had to give this baby back I was trying hard to get them to take my 2009 and let me keep this cherry red beauty. It is an amazing vehicle. Maybe it’s because I own a Mazda but I really like the Mazda brand. While this car was not lacking at all. It had awesome power, sun roof, gas mileage, HEADLIGHTS, and more. I can get excited over headlights. While I was driving this car with three kids in the back, I felt super cool. Like no one saw my kids in the back and just this hot lady in the drivers seat. My kids loved it too. They thought it was a cool car. I kept hearing can we drive the cool car. Maybe because the inside is a tan leather with a black accent. It was neat looking. We drove this car all over Lancaster. Lancaster, Pa has a lot of back roads that are really fun to drive on.


The engine does this cool thing when you start it up on cold days that it runs a little extra loud. Its a way of heating up that engine a little faster so your not freezing in the car. I have kids to get to school. I don’t have time to be cold or wait for a car to warm up.┬áThis matched my lifestyle of on the go perfectly. It has the go power too I want and features I need.


This car called for the back country. We took it for a lot of drives on our local back farm roads. Handled with ease around the sharp bends. I was in love with the Mazda 6. Not for the heated seats, or awesome radio, or moon roof but because it was a great car. If your looking for a family car with a little more edge or a car for your first new one. This is a perfect option for either of those. The Mazda 6 I hold close to my heart as it was my first car. My 2009 is still going strong with no issues at all. With this cherry bomb it was “like” at first sight and love at first drive!


Can they just bring it back to me now?! Want to know more about this car and it’s specs CLICK HERE



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