Mitsubishi Outlander 2015

I got to drive this for a week in exchange for this post. Brought to you by Mitsubishi and STI. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


Are you in the market for a new car? Of course not just any car but a car that will last, at a good price, and will be there for you in times of need? Well the Mitsubishi Outlander is the one. While it may not comes with a billion bells and whistles like some other cars. It comes with a piece of mind. The safety features are incredible. If you want a car you will safe in. This is one of them for sure.


Also the Mitsubishi has amazing steering. I felt like I could be a race car driver in it but not really. It had a third row too!! This may be on the model I got but I think it’s an optional thing. The third row is a must. While you may not need ti always. You can fold ti down for your trunk space or pop it up for extra seating when needed. While I have three kids, third rows are my friend. I can either put two kids back there and drown out their constant bickering or I can put on in the back and one in the middle and have peace. I LOVE third row seats! The Mitsubishi third row seat offered plenty of room for them to enjoy themselves with a little extra space.


This vehicle is one you can really rely on. i have driven this in the snow, rain, and sunny days. It has driven with ease and not scared of anything. If it snows, no problem. I will still be taking my kids to school and feel safe doing so. It is also looks sleek and pretty. Look at this beautiful red. The front seat is heated, yes this a is must for a new car for me. It also has an eco mode I happen to love. ┬áIt’s also really not bad at all on gas. I think I ran on a whole tank for a week without filling up at all. I do a lot of running around.


While I absolutely love this car and the featured they have packed in there that should matter. Like all the safety ones. Go to your local dealer and give it a test spin, I promise you won’t be disappointed. The only thing in my opinion it was lacking was a GPS! It has a beautiful screen for that back up camera, radio, and no gps. I get lost without my GPS! That should not be something that should keep you from checking this out. I am sure someway ti can be added or ways around it. This is a car that you can trust to outlast that loan period without putting a ton more money into it. It’s a great versatile vehicle for work, play, and family ventures.


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Want to just jump into this car and give it a test spin. find a local dealer HERE


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