$7 and in 7 minutes Romano’s Deal

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Are you always busy! Or at least feel or think you are? Romano’s is the perfect solution. With this busy hectic Holidays here in full swing. Give yourself a break. They have come up with an amazing deal. Scoop this up on top of all the other savings you have gotten this year. Don’t let 2014 stop you. This deal will last till the end of January. If you want something easy now or then. This is the place to check out. Only for limited time.

As the holidays draw near, it can be difficult to get lunch packed and out the door in time each morning. Below, you’ll find a 2 for $10 lunch coupon from Romano’s Kitchen Counter (Expires January 31, 2015).


This new kitchen counter concept allows customers to quickly grab a casual, delicious lunch for only $7 delivered in under 7 minutes or it’s free!

You can even have the chance to try the new items for only $5/person (minimum: 2 customers) and still in 7 minutes or it’s free.

Check out their MENU HERE


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