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Looking for a high chair but not just any old high chair. I have been there trying to find one that was cleanable, useful, would it last 6 months or 6 years. There is a one out there. Not only could you practically take it outside and wash it down with a hose if it was that bad but it will last. Maybe you want 3 kids and this is your first. It will most likely be in good condition come that third kid. Take the chair outside, why not.


High chairs of my past have had food buildup on them and it was gross. The chairs seats would be covered in something I don’t even know what you’d call it. Food gets stuck int he cracks on the chair and in the cloth seats. Theres eventually a point of no return ad you just have to toss it out. Up Wee Go Step Up High Chair is the perfect gift for that expecting mom too! Kids use high chairs for over a year. It’s worth the investment if it makes the parents life easier.

They even have stairs you can use to climb up into bed or attach to the slide for some fun times. I don’t know about you but my son is 1. He sits in a high chair everyday and gets so messy. We also have a plastic slide that he loves. I have never seen a toy used so much. If only the steps on my slide came off like the Up Wee Go High Chair that would make life easy and also possibly brushing teeth.


Are you into Eco things? They even have a recycling program. You can receive money toward a new high chair by recycling your old ones. Check it out HERE.

Back up this amazing high chair and all the fun extras the company offers. Check out their KICK STARTER. You get a major discount if you buy now.

Want to read up on more info about the chair and what they have to offer. READ HERE

Check out the fun color options too!! Customize it to your favorite colors choices!




PLUS A $100 Gift Card or Paypal Of Your Choice! 

TERMS- This high chair is not in production yet but the company is raising funds to produce it early to mid 2015. This is not a guarantee on product thought I think they will do awesome at raising the funds. You will receive a coupon to redeem one free high chair when they do start to produce. Since we all like instant gratification. We are also including one $100 gift card or choice to the winner along with the coupon. So You still win something awesome and now! Plus something for later!!

You must reside in the continental US. Be 18+ years or older. This blog is not responsible for any mishaps with the prize or shipping. This giveaway ends January 10th at Midnight EST. Share your thoughts with us by including hashtag #UpWeeGo in your social shares.

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  1. Linda Kwolek says:

    I love that their are so many colors and the ease of cleaning it.

  2. The thing I love most is that the cleaning of it would be so simple with no little crevices for foods to get trapped in.

  3. Pamela Gurganus says:

    What I like best about the high chair is it isn’t just a chair! I love the slide and the stairs too!

  4. I adore the color combos and cool aesthetic!

  5. I like that it serves several functions and isn’t just a typical high chair. I also love the colors!

  6. lonnie hutchinson says:

    this high chair is amazing I love that it is so versatile

  7. Melissa S says:

    I like that a lot of thought has bee put into this high chair, it grows with the child because you can add the stairs and make it self climb.

  8. michelle Hill says:

    I love the style and something I know any kid would love

  9. laurie murley says:

    i like that its sturdy and will last a long time

  10. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    I love that it grows with the child and you can get so many uses out of it. It also looks super easy to clean with its wipe down ready surface.

  11. I like that it’s easy to clean and multi functional!

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