Fall In Love With Yourself

I received product samples in exchange for my review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


This year is a whole new story for myself! I want to love me, for me! As a woman that is so hard for every single one of us. Even the ones that look amazing. Well some simple ways for me to love myself more are to play around with make up. I apply it and feel like dang I look good. I don’t need it but I like it. I feel its enhancing my amazing features already. Make up should compliment you, not change you. While I love to have fun with some crazy make up once in awhile or wear more then I should. I love to find new products that just rock and are incredibly simple. Laura Mercier offers so many options.

You can get your fun make up for sure from them. They also offer an amazing variety of products that are amazing. It doesn’t even take a lot of product to show a difference in my face using Laura Mercier !

Here is my before. I did not have any make on on this picture and my hair is pulled back to show my face! I may of had a little bit of eye brow stuff on but thats it!


Here you can see ALL I applied with the Laura Mercier Products. Mascara, blush, high lighter, and little lip stick. I also added a little clear lip gloss to make the lip stick pop. This took a matter of seconds to whip it onto my face! This is like a kids have school, gotta rush make up day! I toss it on and I fit in with the other preschool going moms. It’s also a look I am book marking for summer when I want a little make up love that won’t melt off my face!


TO compare them side by side! The above Selfies are from my phone camera! The before and after.


I do have to say the top favorite of all Laura Mercier products is the Matte Highlighter. It is like a life saver. I do not go a day without it. I just put a little under my eyes and cheek bones and instantly I look more awake and refreshed. It’s an amazing thing. Just the right amount of shimmer and everything.


The full blown volume supreme mascara is also awesome. It curls my lashes and gives them that pop of “I’m Here”. It also keeps my lashes pretty soft and really natural looking. Love it.


The blush is also another win. It’s really easy to apply and goes on airbrushed with the Laura Mercier brush.  I started out my Laura Mercier love with just the highlighter but it has grown into a love affair. Can you say I need it ALL! It is amazing for my face and I can create a soft natural look when I want or a fun going out of town with a little more glamour. Fall in love with yourself this year and try some of these soft make up looks  on your naked face.


You can check out Laura Mercier HERE. You can also visit a local Sephora and check it out first hand.

Here you can see an on the go look with my other normal make up loves. Some eye shadow and liner, etc! 



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