A Girls Best Friend

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Are your kids looking for a best friend. The one they can play with and have tea parties with and ever dress up to match what style they are wearing? A great affordable one is Our Generation Dolls. They are super cute and already have a personality of their own.  Your daughter can have a blast with her new friend. The bets part is this doll won’t break the bank and you can even get her some amazing outfits.


Maybe she would love to drive a jeep. Well they have that too. You can buy these dolls at your Local Target or online at several websites. Meet The Dolls! 

My daughter loves playing with her girl so much. She has a pair of PJs for her and tucks her in bed when she goes to bed. She even has a sleeping bag and they watch movies together. If she goes outside to ride her scooter, you bet her friend is coming along too. It’s a great way for her to use her imagination and also to be her. She is able to express herself with the doll also. She loves playing sports. So she asked for her birthday to get her some soccer gear for her and her doll.


They have Accessories galore as well! Take a look HERE 

They even have a super cute page on how to stye their hair. STYLING HAIR! 



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