How Do You Brew Coffee? #Starbucks

I received product samples in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


So guess what?! I am an ambassador for Starbucks! What!! I know crazy but I love it. I get so many cool perks from it. I recently was sent my welcome kit! It came with some packages of coffee beans in some popular flavors. It also have a mug in it. They even sent coffee filters and a special cup to brew it fresh just like Starbucks. While I am on my journey I have my super cool and I do feel special for using my coffee passport.


I have tried more Starbucks flavors and blends then I thought. I also had no clue what a difference it makes to brew it right over my cup with a coffee filter or in my coffee machine. I have to say it is hard to go back to my coffee machine now. I no longer stare at people in tv episodes taking 10 minutes to brew the perfect cup. It really turns out to be the perfect cup.


I have learned so much more about coffee and that I truly love it. It’s not like my love for wine. Where I drink the most fruity one so I don’t taste the wine. With coffee I want to taste it and enjoy it. I want the aromas to make me excited to enjoy it. It’s even more enjoyable if I do have to run around. Every sip is a “ahhh” moment!


I really honestly have enjoyed this experience so far. When I first got a box of 3 bags of beans, I was like what am I suppose to do with this, grind it? Well yes and it was awesome. I love how fresh it really is.



My favor blends by far for my coffee cabinet Pike Place, House Blend, and Veranda. You need so little of the fresh grounds that I feel a bag of coffee would last so long. Change it up some mornings. Feeling fun and energetic, try the Pike place. Maybe you just need that first cup to even begin to realize it’s morning and your away, I like to drink the house blend. They have so many blends all year they are changing. So either grab a bag of your own to brew at home or go to your local Starbucks and taste just how fresh it is.

Are you a Starbucks lover? If so what is your favorite drink that they offer?




  1. Dianna Thomas Davis says:

    Thank you for the insight– I have never brewed this coffee before– THats my husbands morning job–I have bought it –and love it

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