Does Anyones Child Wet The Bed?

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So does anyone have problems with bed wetting? I know my daughter who will be 7 this year is just not ready to sleep in just panties. She needs that little extra protection. It’s so nice Pampers offers UnderJams. Did you know bed wetting is common in children. That means you are not alone. I am not alone in my struggle. My daughter being almost 7 doesn’t have to be embarrassed because they have a cloth like material, so no one will know.

Pampers UnderJams have a night-lock ultra absorbent core. Another bonus is they are low. So there isn’t a top part hanging out. So it is completely private. She can have friends come over and not worry about being embarrassed about wearing these to bed.

My daughter loves reading and she loves this little story! It’s a great read to share before bedtime. Click the photo for the book. 


My oldest daughter has gotten a lot more confident about having friends over and sleeping over friends houses. It’s crazy how much she cares in kindergarten. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like in high school. We have had problems with my oldest feeling like she let me down because she will went the bed once in awhile. Mean while her younger sister never wets the bed.

So this make hes feel no different going to bed with UnderJams on or panties. She is just glad to know she is protected but also trying to learn still. I am so glad we found these for her. You wouldn’t think something like Pampers UnderJams would have such a positive effect on my child but it did. Yes, I am surprised. She is happy and that makes me happy. She can go to any sleep over she wants and none of her friends will know that she changed into an UnderJam.




  1. I love underjams for my son. He is almost 6 and is still a bed wetter at night. We have tried everything to get him to stop but he is just a heavy sleeper.

  2. krystal pena says:

    Thank you my daughter still has a problem wetting the bed at night and I will look for these in the store now!! Big hugs for helping out!!!

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