Kitchen Hacks You Need To Know

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Some people enjoy cooking while others despise it. Whether you strive for the best meals or prefer simple meals, you will benefit from these awesome cooking hacks in your kitchen!

* Wet your fingers before getting an egg shell out

 We’ve all had that great moment where egg shells get into the egg before mixing and we all know how difficult and frustrating those darn shells can be to get them out. Wet your finger with water before trying to get them out and it will go much smoother. The water resists the egg rather than working with it, making it easier to grab just the shell.

* Use a ketchup bottle for pancakes

 Put your pancake mix in a cleaned out ketchup bottle (or any other squirt bottle really) to make it easier to disperse the mix evenly without all of the goopy droppings that occur when pouring from a bowl or cup. (Use a funnel to do this and there shouldn’t be any issues getting it into the bottle.) You can even use skinnier tipped bottles (similar to camping ketchup and mustard bottles) to draw with your pancake batter for a fun and unique breakfast!

* Waffle iron potatoes

 Use a waffle iron to cook hash browns. Just place them in as you would pancake batter and cook them, checking on them often to be sure you’re not burning them. You can do this with frozen or fresh hash browns.

* Mason jar salads

 Use mason jars to pre-make salads and store them in the fridge for ready to eat salads on the go. You only have to prep once, and they should stay fresh for up to 6 days. Just be sure to keep the dressing off until you’re ready to eat it.

* Dental floss for cutting food

 Who would have thought to keep some dental floss in the kitchen? For any soft foods such as cake, breads, etc. use dental floss to cut it. It will make a clean cut and won’t take off the frosting or dirty a knife. It’s also food safe.

* Wear plastic gloves for meat mixing

 Everyone loves those delicious meatballs, but no one wants to mix them up before cooking because of the grease and meat that gets on your hands. Wear plastic gloves! The meat will stay off of your hands and you can just throw the mess in the trash.

* Cover pans in tin foil

 I don’t know about you, but I hate doing dishes. I try to avoid it at all costs. For anything that gets put in the oven, cookie sheets, casserole dishes, etc. Wrap the cooking surface of the pan in tin foil before using it. You won’t get any grease or crumbs on the pan and it can go right in the garbage when you’re done using it.

Let me know if you have an Kitchen Hacks?!!!



  1. Thanks for the awesome tips! Love the ones about eggshell and dental floss!

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