My Crazy Wedding Dress Story And “The Dress”

I did not receive anything for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone! Fiance will NOT see this post! So no worries!


First off! I’d like by saying thanks for reading!! This dress was “the dress” months and months ago. It too that many months, exchanging a dress I already bought, and stars to align for me to find it! To me it is a crazy story and a story I do not often believe. I also still am in shock!

First start by saying I tried this dress on my first trip to Davids Bridal. I immediately feel in love with it. I also loved all the dresses I tried on but none that made me feel delicate and beautiful.  This one was special. Also if yo would of told me a year ago I’d be wearing a whisper pink bridal gown with embroider floras on it. I’d call you insane! I had my heart set on a fit and flare. I was very against even trying on “ball gown, puffy dresses”


When I tried this dress on. I tried it on about 2 or 3 more times. It was discontinued and on clearance and they no more sizes. Sadly it was just way to small. My boobs were popping out. The dress had a corset in it, so they couldn’t alter it too much more to fit. I was sad and moved on. I found another dress at Davids Bridal and it was a Vera one! I liked it a lot. I kept retrying it on. It was different but I was not in love. It was the dress I liked the most out of trying them all on so far. Well I bought it. $1,200 later I got it in the mail and was not happy. I thought maybe because I just need to loose weight.

You can see here my boobs are just over flowing!! I was also breastfeeding at this time but I am still a triple D! 


Couples months later, like 2ish. I was bridesmaid dress shopping with my friend. We were at a different Davids Bridal, much bigger. I was upset seeing all these dress I could love. I asked about my dress and a very nice manager gave me an alternative.

This was the dress from VERA That I bought first. I liked it but it wasn’t LOVE! 


I fell in LOVE with the back of it! I mean come on gorgeous! 


I went home that night searching for dresses. I searched high and low for that one Whisper Pink dress to see if I could find it used. I could not! I posted on my local facebook wedding group asking for help to find this dress or is anyone had it to resell. At that time a lady happen to be on that worked at the Davids Bridal that was close to my house. She was pretty sure They had that dress in stock. She looked it up and found out a girl had canceled this dress just last week and it was a size 12! The size I needed!!! That was my size in my dress. I went the next day and tried it on. It was everything I expected it to be in my head and heart. I knew by walking out of the room and seeing my friends look that this was “THE DRESS”

Don’t mind my arm!! So weird!! My bridesmaid dresses are going to be plum! Like pictures below! 


This friend I am talking about would not lie to me. Sometimes she is way too honest. Anyway, she inspired me to even grow the balls to say how I did not like my dress. It was all me though! I wanted a new one at last minute too!! It all worked out you see. I took my dress home with me. My wedding dress. The dress I was so excited to wear and never take off.

Boobs fit much better in a size 12! 


NOW THE BACK STORY! (Weird part)

When I was little I lived with my grandmother. She raised me to be the woman I am today. All my morals I got from her. She was truly an amazing person and inspiration to me at such a young age that it is still with me. Growing up I always tried on her dresses and satin night gowns that were always in a really light pink and had flowers on them. I had this feeling that I was just so pretty like a princess in her night gowns. I loved it. A very happy time in my life. She then passed away at only age 55ish to cancer.  My mom is still alive and I do visit her sometimes, she has never really been there. So I have been doing all this wedding stuff, dress shopping, all this support has been from just a few close friends. Well I got to thinking it was a message from my grandmother in some way or form that this was the dress. How odd I get a feeling to grow balls and ask to return my dress. I post on facebook, someone happens to know about this dress at a local store, looks it up in my perfect size, and it fits perfectly. The first time I tried on this dress I thought of my grandmother and I still am. This dress as found me. Everything fell into place all at once at the perfect time.


You see if I would of gotten this dress before in a way to small size. It would of never worked with my big boobs. But waiting and having amazing management. Someone cancel this exact dress in a size 12 is just crazy! This dress made me feel as I did as a child playing dress up. Beautiful! I felt as if I were wearing a flowy stunning dress. I am! The fact that it is so different is just more amazing to me. It is in a color called Whisper Pink! It’s barely pink but just enough.

So I am in love! While these photos are not the best! It gives you a sneak peek into my dress to the day! The DAY that is coming in September. I know and feel in my heart that even though my grandmother is not here now, I feel she is watching over me and helped direct me into the direction and knew all along that this was the dress.

Thank you all for reading!! Sounds like blah, blah, blah,! Thought I’d share! Plus you get a sneak peek into the dress. While alterations need to be made etc! I love it!



  1. Pam Sohan says:

    Gorgeous dress ! Love the back story. I would say that you’re Grandma was the guardian angel helping you find that dress.

  2. Tim Anderson says:

    I’m glad you held out. You look spectacular. I wish I could see his expression when you come walking down that aisle.

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