DIY Affordable Floral Decor

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Fall will be here before you know it. I love decorating for fall. I also love flowers. I can’t afford to pay $20  week for fresh flowers all the time. I’d love to of course but it’s just not practical. So let’s do something DIY. What is practical though are fake ones! Sure you can buy them at the stores but even discounted stores like HomeGoods has them for $15 to $50 or more for a vase of fake flowers and clear stuff in it that looks like water. I want to buy them all.


Again it comes down to being affordable. So I found a way to do my own. Can you believe it, everything came from the dollar store minus the clear resin I used to set the flowers. I had to buy a package of what they call craft water. You can pick up at any local craft store near you in the floral section. It is about $10 and up to purchase. I made 5 small vases with the one box. You can get your money worth very easy. I bought the glass bowls, flowers, and rocks from the dollar store. I had the coke bottle laying around and thought I’d try it out.


First you want to make sure you have everything you need

Craft water


toss away container to mix in

something to mix with(Popsicle stick I used)


glass containers 


Now you want to read direction first on your craft water. They are all a little different. With mine I had to mix equal parts of two liquids for about 6 minutes. Then pour into my glasses and then set my flowers in as I had them set up.

I suggest places the flowers in the vase before filling it to know or have an idea how many or what flowers you want in it.


You have to let them sit for 12 hours to set and leave up to 36 hours to harden completely.


It is pretty easy to make. The hardest part to me was cutting the steams of the flowers to fit properly. You need to have them be long enough to touch the bottom.



This cost me about $21 about for 3 glasses, all the flowers, rocks, and craft water. I still have enough to make one or two more. Super cheap and fun to make for your home, gift, wedding, or anything you want.


If you try this. Let me know with a comment below. Love to see your photos as well of your designs.



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