Volvo Summer Fun Drive Event

Went to California to test out the new S60’s from Volvo! All opinions are mine and mine alone.


I recently traveling from Here in PA on the east coast to California on the west. That flight was a long one. I attended the Summer Fun Drive Event for the new S60’s. We drove the Cross Country and the Inscription. An amazing experience and so much fun. I stayed at the CavalloPoint, lodge at the Golden Gate. It’s literally at the Golden Gate. Walking distance and an amazing view from my room. I got to arrive early and check out the grounds before we were in full swing of all the fun planned events with Volvo North America Team.



We started out by meeting some new people and ¬†the awesome Volvo team. Introductions given and some nice to see you agains exchanged. Get this Volvo Made us cook our own dinner! no, I’m just kidding you didn’t have too. They had some amazing chef in their with the team teaching us about the farm fresh produce and exactly where it came from and who. It was incredibly fun to watch everyone cook. I say watch because I opted to watch and not help. It was so fun to even see everyone enjoying the experience. After that evening went back to my room with a huge tub and a fireplace.




Got the next day up super pumped to do some driving. 60 series test drive started early in the AM. Started out with the 2016 S60 Cross Country. This car is so nice looking. Look at those 19in wheels on it. Did you notice that its higher off the ground then a normal car? It felt like I could explore the world in it. Volvo is all about going on an adventure. The S60 Cross country was an awesome car. Has standard all wheel drive with instant traction, happens to come in handy for us here in pa during winter.



After driving this guy for a couple hours we switched over to the S60 T5 Inscription FWD. This car is luxery. It handles so smooth and turns corners like cutting butter with a hot knife. It has class leading rear leg room, so your adult friends can ride in the back. This is a must have car if you like the finer things in life. Incredible 5-cylinder turbocharged AWD, interior, and more.


Volvo has amazing vehicles and they for sure are proud of them. So many new features coming and cars. Lots of new technology to not only give us what we want in a car but they over achieved that in the safety¬†and features the car provides. Volvo has been around a very long time and their is a reason for that. Here to stay and achieve. Safety First has always been a priority to them and it shows in their cars. Stay tuned to see whats next for Volvo and I’ll be sure to update!


Feel free to check out the man, many pictures I got on the trip!! Follow me on Instagram to the most recent photos and updates about my adventures, food, fun, and more. Its loaded with moments in my life.






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