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Buzz bee Toys sent product samples in exchange for my post. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

buzz bee

 One that you can be active for. Get the kids outside. Who cares if it’s cold or warm, go run and play. Buzz Bee Toys has a ton of different dart blaster guns to get everyone in a role. You can whip up some imagination play with with games like cops& robbers, secret agent, FBI agent, cowboy, zombie hunter, and many more.

buzz bee

Buzz Bee Toys  have so many types of blasters it’s crazy. They even have a few pink ones called “Wingz”. Maybe you want something bigger like a bazooka type, they got it! Some of Buzz Bee Toys are Wingz, Air Warriors, Water Warriors, Ruff Stuff Fun Foam. So check them out and give them a “shot”. It may just be one blaster you get but tons of imaginative play ideas to have with that one blaster. Get them for the whole family too and play together. Their price range is really reasonable and affordable.

Buzz Bee Toys

buzz bee

Lots of fun can come from a dart blaster. They are not just for boys either. Anyone wants that wants to play a game of zombies or secret agent are all in for the fun. Get outside, run around, pretend and imagine. Even save up some old soda cans and use then for target practice. Buzz Bee Toys offers toys for all year long like there water warriors. So get them now and later.

buzz bee

Be sure to get them in time for Christmas as well. I know my kids will be so excited for a dart blaster fight christmas morning, little do they know I have mine put away and ready to go.

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buzz bee

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