Holiday Gift Guide

I most likely received samples for this post or I think the products are super cool! I would post if they weren’t anyway! All opinions are mine and mine alone.



This year we have Holiday Gift Guides everywhere. I’m gonna make it short and sweet! Everything is awesome until it’s not! Get someone something fun this year and not sock. Even though I would love me some soft socks! Even some underwear if they come from Victoria Secret!

Adult coloring books, already signed up and wanting more! My kids love anything “toy” related. As well as lots of games, learning materials(shhh they don’t know that fact) Or just smalls things like a pack of sparkly crayons.

While it’s the season of giving. Remember to also be thankful for each day with your family. ¬†You don’t have to go crazy or in debt! My kids love crayons and coloring books. If you don’t have a lot to spare. No worries, think outside the box and do something simple. One year as a kid I got a stuffed rabbit named thumper. Yes, from Bambi! Well he was the best gift I ever got. I had him for years.

If you are looking for some ideas! Be sure to check out the Gift Guide list!


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