Acer Cloudbook 14

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We have been looking for a thin and lightweight notebook lately. Our daughter is starting to want to do more on the computer and we really were not looking to get her a tablet. The Acer Cloudbook is absolutely what we were looking for in a notebook. It has Windows 10, USB 3.0 that allows you to transfer text and files ten times faster than 2.0 and wireless data transfer that is three times faster than before.

The new Acer Aspire One Cloudbook has one of Intel’s latest mobile processors along with Office 365 personal and OneDrive online storage subscription so that this notebook is ready to use right out of the box. When you first start the Cloudbook for the first time, the system will connect the internet automatically and search for the required Windows 10 update. This will take some time but is important to enable the system to perform to the best of its capability. Once you have everything updated, your performance from your Acer Cloudbook will be perfection.


A lightweight notebook with the ability to have Windows 10 is perfect for what we were looking for, and because our daughter travels it is great that there are dual digital microphones that have enahnced digital signal processing to make sure that online calls are heard loud and clear. She can even talk to Cortana on the notebook and with Acer’s Build Your Own Cloud applications, she can secure and privately sync her other devices with the notebook.


My daughter will be using this notebook for school work and and to practice on, but this is also perfect for smaller children since it is so lightweight to play games and do learning activities online. Instead of sitting in front of a desktop this can go anywhere with them that there is Wi-Fi connecticity and they will be set to do their activities. You can even sync your device or other things to it that you already have and transfer activities they may already know and love.


The same goes if you are getting the Acer Cloudbook for yourself or another adult in your life. They will have all the speed that they need and the ability to sync devices, photos, text and all sorts of other documents to the new notebook. You don’t have to worry about starting all over. The Acer Cloudbook is perfect for the whole family and has a great price point of just $199.

You can read about all the models and more on Acer’s website. As well as search for retailers to buy at. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


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