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Gifts – I received product samples in exchange for my review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


I have some unique holiday gifts that may not be on your child’s list but they will love all the same. The Dino Hunterz CrossBow, IDO3D Art Studio , and Pinblock Freestyle. All of these gifts encourage free play and creativity so that your kids will have nonstop fun. None of these products are exactly the same so including them all under the tree will be perfect.



With the Dino Hunterz Crossbow, your child will be able to imagine that they are hunting dinosaurs in their own backyard. This toy includes a dino-scope so that you child will have crazy accuracy. They will want to show off their skills to you and that each of the suction cup arrows can go over 45 feet. The range on a lot of toys like this is not that far. A dinosaur target is included so that they can practice shooting the crossbow at this before they head out to hunt the dinosaurs of their imagination.


IDo3D Art is an amazing crafting toy that allows your child’s art to come off the page. The possibilities with these pens are endless but if you need some ideas they do have projects on their website that you can download. All children wish that their art could come to life and with IDo3D Art that can happen. Let their creativity soar, literally.

Pinblock is also another one of those crafting projects that allows your kids imagination to come to life, but in a different way than the IDo3D Art does. With just one building block, you will be able to make buildings, planes, vehicles and anything else that you are inspired to make. Make a small plane or even make a whole city. The choice is yours. You child will be able to fill a whole room with a mini city that includes buildings, roads and everything else that they could think of to add.


There are two rounded pins on top of the Pinblock that are able to rotate a full 360 degrees. With all of the flexibility with this toy, you can even make things such as a crown, watch or even a suit to become a superhero or princess. Pinblock has 20 different colors. I want you to think of each of the pieces to this set as a pixel. If you hook them together, you can easily transform these into Pixel Art that can be kept forever to display.

All of these toys would make your child’s sense of creativity and adventure go wild. The best part about these is that not everyone else will be asking for them this holiday season. It will be something that they will most likely be able to introduce their friends to and feel special doing just that.



  1. Did you actually try the 3d art pen? It’s crap and doesn’t work and makes a HUGE mess. It actually stained my counter.

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