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Getting It Together: Apps That Can Make Your Life Simpler

We all live crazy-busy lives. The thing is that most of us have found ways to cope. If you’re still struggling, it’s probably because you’re not using these apps to help simplify your life.

Mint is probably the most recognizable name in personal finance. Owned by Intuit, it makes it easy for you to to aggregate financial data from all of your accounts into one screen. Mint’s technology uses “read only” access, the company claims. This means that no one but you can authorize transactions on your account, even if they hack into Mint’s servers.

By consolidating your accounts, you can see all of your finances on one screen. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


If you have organizational problems, trello is the answer. It organizes projects, and many other aspects of your life. You can also collaborate on projects with others. In a sense, it’s a “list of lists.” But, it’s much more than that. You can make and save notes about pretty much anything, receive notifications when something important happens, and keep track of projects you’re working on.


By now, you’re probably familiar with ApplePay (if you have an iOS device). If you’re not using it, start. It makes paying at retailers much easier.

Apps That Block Texting While Driving

Apps like Drive Safe Mode and Live2Txt help keep you safe on the road by blocking distractions. Not only does this make your life simpler, it keeps you safer. Millions of people are hit by an uninsured motorist each year – and many of those people are texting while driving.

If you want to protect yourself from a nasty lawsuit, don’t be one of those driving while texting people.


This app doesn’t get the respect it deserves. The “If This Then That” application has been around for a while now, helping people automate a range of tasks.

Want to keep tabs on your favorite sports team? You can get automatic alerts on your phone about them. Want to stay on top of the news? You can do that too.

But, the app does more than send alerts about online happenings. You can automate your thermostat, turn on the lights when the sun goes down, and be held accountable for gym workouts or even keep track of your productivity (or lack thereof).

The IFTTT app also lets you schedule recurring tasks, and reminds you about them them they’re due. You can integrate with other apps too, like Trello, so you can send notifications to those applications and streamline projects, stay on top of due dates, and easily see milestones in context.

The IFTTT can also help you find local sales going on, keep you up-to-date about technology, push ebay deals that interest you to you, let you follow your favorite shops, find deals on a new apartment, and a whole bunch more.

If it can be automated, IFTTT can probably do it. It’s seriously one of the best ways to automate your personal and business life.

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