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I received clothes in exchange for my review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


Everyone gets into a direct sales job for their own reasons. It may be money, or the thrill of the job, or networking. But for one special Lularoe consultant, this company means so much more! Andrea Jackson is a single mom to two children. She runs her Lularoe business full time to support her family. Andrea is also battling her second bout of cancer. Andrea states that she was in bed, broke, and depressed and Lularoe and all her clients have given her hope! Andrea does a lot of pay it forward and giveaways to give back to all that have helped her out a long her journey.

My friend featured below in a Lularoe skirt!

For those of you that do not already know what all the craze is about, Lularoe is a clothing company. They sell the softest leggings I have ever felt! They are buttery soft and so smooth on your skin that you will never want to take them off. Not only do they sell leggings but they also sell dresses, maxis, skirts, and shirts. They even have a children’s and mens line! There is something to suite everyones needs. They have a lot of patterned clothing but they also recently came out with a solids line which may be more your style.
You can even buy Irma shirt a little bigger and turn it into so many things. A dress, night shirt, and more! Andrea post so many videos of different ways to wear one piece of clothing.
Lularoe provides opportunities for people to create their own businesses selling affordable, fashionable, and comfortable clothing on their OWN time schedule. If you are a busy working mom or you want to do this full time, it is completely up to you. Andrea has her own VIP page where you can get updates on inventory, watch for giveaways, and participate in their popular “Pop up Boutiques.” Pop ups can be online via Facebook or there can be a pop up at someones house so you can try on the clothing and find the best fit for you.
This is a Julia dress as a tunic!
Lularoe for some women in an eye opener! Some women think their body type can’t wear something. Also women that just want to wear something they feel good in and look good in. This has boosted some peoples self-esteem threw the roof. Women that never dressed up, are now barely making an effort but looking stunning!
If you want to give them a try. I suggest starting with a pair of buttery soft leggings. Then slowly move onto everything else. My favorites are a classic t, irma, madison, and more!
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  1. Not crazy about this style. Def not professional but I know others like it! To each their own 🙂

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