Ecoscraps Flower Pot Garden

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If you didn’t know by now we throw away a lot of trash! On average Americans throw away 30 million tons of food waste every year! Did you know you can plant beautiful plants in that “waste” called compost? Ecoscraps diverts millions of pounds of food waste each year from landfills by recycling them into natural and organic garden soils and plant foods. If you are like me and do not have a green thumb but still want stronger, happier plants then add a little Ecoscraps compost to your garden. You just add a little compost, then work it into your soil until it is at least six inches deep.



I got a bag of soil and planted my own beautiful flowers in flower pots this year. What would you plant with your Ecoscraps soil? Have you ever noticed the numbers on the bottom of the bags of plant food? They represent the nutrient level in the fertilizer. Ecroscraps have plant foods for all type of plants. Did you know plants need a little fertilizer to grow? Yea I didn’t either! One thing I do know is plants need sun and water. Here on the east coast I am pretty sure it just rained for a month straight so I didn’t have to water any of my plants! We have been lacking on that sun part though! I think we all could use a little sun!


The possibilities are endless with Ecoscraps products. You can plant a vegetable garden, or plant a flower garden. You can teach your children all about how food waste is recycled to make the compost soil they are using to make their beautiful garden. What a great lesson to learn! You can plant flower boxes or indoor plants to add beautiful colors in your house! Ecoscraps is a great organic option for all your planting needs!


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