Why the Business of Moving Should Be Local

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Complicated Business

The business of moving from one location to another can be extremely complicated and costly; especially if you are inexperienced. Even those who have done a move multiple times understand what a hassle this can be. Most who have been through it would readily agree that help from an outside agency is very much to be desired over doing it yourself. There are a lot of reasons for this, and there are also a lot of things to look for in a moving agency which will help you decide which is the best option for you.

Legal Requirements

As far as reasons for hiring a mover are concerned, one of the biggest ones has to do with insurance. Movers are required to have two types of liability coverage under Federal Law. One type is Full Coverage, which will replace the value of any items lost, broken, or otherwise maligned. The other is called Released Value, which only covers about sixty cents on the pound. That means if you dropped a ten pound stereo that cost $500, you would get $6.00 in return. So it makes sense to go the full coverage route with any moving agency.

Also, it makes to consider the impact of conducting a move without professional movers, and so without their insurance. If you drop, break, lose or otherwise malign a belonging, you are solely responsible for the cost of its replacement. Hiring professional movers helps keep that situation from happening.


Local Options

When you hire professional movers, you should be careful to hire them locally. While a bigger business may offer differently priced options, a local business doesn’t have a national mandate to adhere to, making them both more flexible and personal than any national chain can be. Movers in NJ who are local to the area will have your best interests in mind much more closely than movers whose offices are centered in the Midwest, and offer services through a variety of corporate implants across the company. If the national chain makes a mistake, they’ve got enough bulk to brush it under the rug and have no ill business effects. But a local option, being part of the community, must respect that community and its residents. Not only will you get more careful, considerate moving with the local option, but you will get personalized moving that seeks to impart positive regard such that the same local services may be used again in the event of another move.

The Value of Experience

Beyond all these things, using a moving service makes sense because there are a lot of things involved in the moving process that most just don’t consider. Some furniture simply won’t go up those stairs unless it’s taken apart and put back together again. Wouldn’t you rather have experienced, insured movers conduct that activity than yourself? If they mess it up, they’ve got to remunerate you. But the likelihood is they’ve encountered such situations before, and so have the ability to successfully take apart and put back together a given chair or couch, or something of that ilk.

At The End Of The Day

Professional movers are also less likely to have an accident on the drive over based on hastily-packed items. They know what kind of boxes should be in what kind of spot, and can avoid simple, costly mistakes more likely to take place in a self-sustained move. Finally, professional movers have muscles you simply do not. Even if you’re strong enough, and you’ve got the time, moving by yourself or with family members is going to wear everybody out.


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