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Fall is almost here and it’s that time of year I like to open my windows and clean. I also have three kids, three cats, one dog, and a husband. So the in and out of the house already drives me crazy but in fall i swear its worse. My kids are tracking in dead grass, leaves, I even found a bag filled with grass and sticks before. So I am constantly vacuuming. I hate walking around my house barefoot and feeling everything thats on the floor that I don’t necessarily see. While our animals don’t shed a ton, they still shed.



The Bobi Classic is awesome. It’s a don’t worry type of deal. It has a wireless remote, automatic charging, touch screen, easy to clean, 5 in 1 cleaning, and so much more. Simultaneous sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and UV sterilization make bObi the efficient, multi-tasking cleaner that she is. The cleaner gets over small hurdles like our carpet. It goes from out kitchen to living room. You think that ah, it won’t pick up that much stuff. I kid you not I used this girl the first time after I just vacuumed with a regular vacuum. It got in corners and under things I normally miss.


It also have three cleaning modes. Advance cleaning mode, Go(Robot mode, and Waffle mode.


It got under my Tv stand and the cat tree. It goes under out kitchen table. I know personally I don’t normally think to clean up unless something spills. The bobi sweep is also a mop, so yea I can fit wine into my cleaning even more now.


Best part is while bobi is great and cleans for me when I got other things to do, she doesn’t talk much! I also don’t have to pay her. When the bobi classic battery is low, it finds it charging stations and gets to it. If you want a little free time on your hands or just an extra set of small wheels to help out. bobi Sweep is a great companion for anyone wanting some help to clean their house.


Read about more info and purchasing one here 


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