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This post s brought to you by Dryel. All opinions are mine and mine alone! #IDryel


Dryel has been an amazing product for me! I loved their new Dryel stain remover pens!! I carry one in my car, purse, and sports backpack. It’s come in so hand! It also helps remove some stains that wouldn’t come out if I had left them be. Total mom saver!

Dryel cost a fraction of what you’d have to spend at the dry cleaners. It is am at home dry cleaner. The heat of the dryer activates the cleaner solution in the Ultra cleaning cloth. Wanna know how it all works, Check it out HERE.


Some simples steps areĀ 

Zip it, Steam it, and Wear it. Everyone has time for that. To help reduce wrinkles you can zip or button up your garments. With Dryel you can clean two things at once. Throw a load in the dryer with your Dryel and then load up your washer too. Bam, when did we become such amazing laundry people. So instead of wasting your time, gas, and money by going to dry cleaners. Stay home and do it yourself.

Another plus is washing my clothes with Dryel my clothes aren’t shrinking. I use to go to the store and buy a brand new pair of jeans that fit great! Wash them and then debate with myself if I had gained weight. Picturing me rolling around trying to squeeze my butt into those jeans! Ok maybe not picture me but still, AH! Dryel really helps my jeans stay the size they are suppose to be.


If you haven’t tried Dryel, you should. It’s way worth it and so many advantages. Let your clothes look newer longer.


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