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(My daughter needed a hair cut!)

Did you know you can help support children in your community just by going to get your haircut? As a mom I do not let myself get this done enough so what better way to get out and get a much needed haircut and help local children in my area. You can head on out to

Hair Cuttery from August 1-15 and get your haircut to support the Share-a-Haircut initiative. Children in your local community can go back to school with fresh cut hair and feel good about themselves and start their school year off the right way.


(Now we can do cute hair buns easier! )

For so many children and families a haircut is one of the last things on their minds when they are worried about providing food for their families or keeping a roof over their head. Providing a hair cut helps families feel relieved for something that may not happen especially before school. Go out and take the whole family for hair cuts. Everyone can feel fresh and new and you can be providing an awesome opportunity for so many children! Back to school time is hard for all kids. They have the worry of new school clothing if they do not have uniforms and new shoes. Everyone arrives with new back packs, new notebooks and pencils. The stress of impressing your friends can be tough!

Let all of your friends know about tho awesome opportunity. Don’t forget that it is from the dates of August 1st through the 15th. All you have to do is head on over to your local Hair Cuttery and have you and your family, and friends, get your hair cut to provide children in your local community with a great opportunity so they can feel fresh and ready for school and have one less thing they need to worry about!


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