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I’ve owned a couple homes so far. Still living in one. I can say we aren’t millionaires and a big home in our area is a lot of money. Were in a newer build now but planning to move. The size house I want is going to be an older home that I’m sure will need work done in it. Updates, yay! This is when I am so thankful for my husband and him being able to do and fix just about everything.

One thing I have noticed in older homes are popcorn ceilings. One reason is because no one wants to tackle that messy, crazy job. In about 150 Lowe’s Locations Armstrong Ceilings has a solution!


Popcorn ceilings have to go, they do. Armstrong Ceilings is an super easy solution to this ugly problem. Armstrong Ceilings is also good for Other damage and just plain horrible ceilings.  Armstrong Ceilings Country Classic Plank and Easy Up installation tracks are available at Lowe’s. Select stores have the end-cap where product is stocked and ready to go. If that is not the store nearest you, it is available through Special Order Express, which means you can get the product in seven days or less.


We often don’t think about ceilings until were looking up at it. If your like me, you also don’t notice not dishwasher in the kitchen until you move in. Yep, did that with my first house.

Armstrong Ceilings really help to transform and eye sore into eye candy. Didn’t notice the ceiling before, you will now. They have some beautiful selections, modern, and also just “normal”. I loved the selections and it made me second guess my ceilings in the basement.

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