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I drink coffee just about everyday. I love coffee and am a huge fan of it. I have my favorite on the go coffee places but I also love coffee right from my own maker. What I don’t love is taking a vitamin of some sort everyday. Not that I don’t like it but I forget. EFFBOMB is awesome first off. It’s a multivitamin that you put in your coffee. So if you are like me and drink coffee everyday, add an EFFBOMB to your coffee. It dissolves right away and doesn’t leave your drink fizzy. You can get a coffee flavored one or they have other flavors available like vanilla, mocha, and new ones coming out. Also instead of pouring a ton of flavoring into my coffee that has a ton of calories, I can add an EFFBOMB. It’s not only adding some much needed multivitamins but also low calorie flavoring.


This is almost like that cake saying but with coffee. You can have your coffee with flavoring too, plus vitamins. Read below for more on EFFBOMB. Join and Support them in their efforts to grow! They even come in a small tube, so you can throw them in your purse and add it into your StarBucks coffee on the go.



” PURPOSE: A daily multivitamin that would not upset your stomach, was not in pill form and easy to remember to take. The product did not exist and through research they found that a lot of other people shared the same needs.”

PRODUCT: An effervescent tablet that infuses flavor and a proprietary blend of 20 essential vitamins and minerals into coffee. Proudly manufactured in the USA.


BENEFITS: – EFFBOMB eliminates the need to swallow a pill

– Liquid solution is easy to digest

– Nutrients are more bioavailable for absorption

– Costs less than flavoring and a daily multivitamin – Low Calorie alternative to syrups or flavored creamers – Tastes EFF-ing good!

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