Mamma’s Liquid Love

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There is a new fad breaking out with breastfeeding moms everywhere. Breastmilk jewelry. These great pieces are made with your own breastmilk to help you keep a piece of you journey no matter how long it lasted! Ann is the owner of Mamma’s Liquid Love and the mom to two daughters. Ann writes that she struggled with breastfeeding with both her daughters for numerous reasons and used donor milk for her second daughter. Mamma’s Milk love was made because she made a piece of jewelry for her generous milk donor. I (Crystyn) can know how special that is because I not only also nurse both my boys but have donated milk to many moms as well! Milk can be fresh, frozen and even expired! It will still capture this beautiful moment in you or your loved ones life!


Some people wonder how you ship breastmilk. Milk does not have to be sent cold. You can send it double bagged through USPS to Ann for your pieces to be made. It is alright if it spoils since it will not be consumed. Your milk may also look different then other’s breast milk jewelry since every mother’s milk is unique. That is what makes this so special! It will take 6-8 weeks after the milk is received for your piece to be finished. Just a short time for a life long memory! There is no way to ‘prove’ it is your milk but you can trust that Ann takes special care that every piece is yours and yours alone. If you have a custom idea in mind you can email her and she can try and make it happen! Also keep in mind that your breast milk jewelry¬†is very delicate and not to use cleaners on it. You can find out more information at Mamma’s Milk Love website here.



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