Dos and Don’ts when Cruising with Kids

Dos and Don’ts when Cruising with Kids

Cruising is one of the best ways to travel as a family. It lets you enjoy different locations without the headache of having to corral the little ones on to multiple flights, and instead lets the destinations come to you. No longer the preserve of older couples, family cruises are growing in popularity every year and if you’ve ever had any doubts, don’t worry. We’ve compiled some useful tips on making the most of a cruise with the kids to make sure you all have the time of your lives, no matter if your sailing through the Caribbean, Mediterranean or even the Arctic Circle.
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Do check the small print

          Age requirements for different cruise operators can vary. With this in mind, make sure that your little ones are old enough to travel before you book. It is also important to check the age requirements for the kid’s clubs as these also vary. Some operators offer private babysitting services, but age requirements will apply for these too. Make sure you have the knowledge you need as you don’t want a two-and-a-half-year-old screaming when they realise they’re too young for the soft play!
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Do give yourself some breathing room
          If you miss a flight you can always hop on the next one, but that’s not the case with a cruise liner. Stop the worst from happening, and make sure your holiday gets off to a stress-free start by arriving at the embarking point a day early. This means the family won’t be flustered and that if any last-minute hiccups do occur that you have plenty of time to make the departure.
Don’t be afraid to bring the kitchen sink
          Okay, the kitchen sink may be too far, but don’t worry about packing a little extra on a cruise. The beauty of a cruise holiday is that the destinations come to you and that you have a base of operations in your cabin. This means you don’t have to keep unpacking and repacking whenever you arrive at new destinations beyond a small day bag. So don’t be afraid to back some extra games, gizmos, and comfortable clothes. Remember that there is always some downtime on a cruise so make sure your kids have everything they need to keep themselves amused.
Don’t pick the wrong cabin
          Your cabin is where you’ll be staying for the duration of your trip, so choose wisely. If you have young children you might want to make sure you book a cabin with a bath, and if anyone in the family is prone to sea sickness then a cabin in the centre of the ship might be the best bet. Do your homework on the rooms available and think about your requirements and you won’t get caught short.



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