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In the market for a new car. Have you seen the all new Chrysler Pacifica? If not this will make you want to go for a test drive. It is the ultimate tool for us modern day families. With its surpassed safety features and technology is outstanding. It is one of the quietest vehicles in it’s class,  good for those long drives home from grandmas.

Another amazing feature is the stow n’ vac. Like ahh, amazing. I need this in every car that my kids ride in. This one is special it reaches every corner of the van. Has a uconnect theater system with two 10″ touch screens. If you haven;t driven a car with these in it, your missing out. My kids instantly become quite children and zone out on every car ride. Like can I get a high for one sip of my Starbucks without a “Mom, shes touching me or mom, he’s looking at me” Seriously kids, look you can watch Tangled.


Want more kids? This beauty has 8 seats. Have three kids, there is room for more. Maybe well just say friends. There is room for friends. One feature to make us parents happy for those long field trips we take our kiddos on is the hybrid and MPG efficiency. If there is one thing I hate more then kids fighting in the car it is for sure getting gas. It’s the world’s first and only Hybrid Minivan with 80 MPG! If that doesn’t make you feel better about taking all those field trips your been planning, then I don’t know. Want to go drive 3 hours to a super awesome park, why not! We got the miles to spare. Another bonus for me and while I am traveling is a 360 degree camera. If your like me and can not parallel park or just hate too, this is super handy and makes the process less stressful for me. I am in and out. Also driving to places with the kids I haven’t been to yet and not knowing the parking, doesn’t make me anxious anymore. The camera gives me so much more confidence in my parking abilities.

Field trips are the new test drive with the Chrysler Pacifica. Going to the dealership is not the highlight of everyone’s day. When it comes to test drives, who really has the time for that anyway? The Pacifikids know something that everyone likes, and that’s going on a field trip.But, in order to go on a field trip, you need a permission slip! Anyone can fill out theirs at the
HERE,  where submitting it is easy as 1-2-3.
The Pacifikids will read every submission and choose their favorite ideas and 3 lucky families
will win their field trip experience with the All-New Chrysler Pacifica!


The Chance to Win!
Win a Field Trip Experience – Starting October 10 through October 26 consumers can visit site and apply to win a field trip with the Pacifica.
o Heavy up during October 10-17
Win a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica – from November 12-18, vote for your favorite Pacifikids field trip
and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a free Pacifica!

I had asked my kids what there favorite feature of the Chrysler Pacifica is. My oldest who is 8 loves the 10in touch screen. She loves being able to watch movies and drown out her brothers she said. My son who is 3 will tell you her loves the stow n’vac. Sure kids you can help me clean up your mess. Then my 6 year old loves how nice it feels, like were on a magic carpet ride is her reasoning. We own a truck and that is not a smooth, quite drive.  Then finally my favorite part has to be the gas milage. Sure I love the DVD feature because “quite” but I love not spending a ton of money on gas. Between running to soccer, cheer, stores, doctors, it is a must needed asset. Then my last love for this van is the 360 camera. So many kids outside playing all the time plus parking. Not to mention the random bikes or balls that always fall behind my car, it’s a super bonus.

Be sure to enter and win.


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