National RSV Awareness Month in October

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If anyone has had a small child. Yours or just watching them, they get sick a lot sometimes. My two youngest kids were born early, one by 4 weeks and the other 5. My son who stayed in the NICU for a week was born the earliest. He doesn’t get sick much but with older siblings in school he sometimes does.


My daughter who was 4 weeks early has a lot of trouble with Asthma now, hard to think of your child struggling to breathe. When she was a baby and about 6 weeks old she was in the hospital for RSV. It was the worst night for me ever. They had her hooked up to wires and in this tiny little crib thing. It was killing me not to hold her. IT’s a common thing to happen but it takes a toll sometimes on their tiny bodies. If you ever have to see your child get blood, IV, or Cath, it’s hard to watch.


Nearly all children will catch RSV by age 2. It spread rapidity at such a young age. When my daughter was in the hospital, they were so full with small children and RSV that they started to overflow into regular hospital rooms. The virus can be spread from 1-3 weeks. You can get RSV all year but it is at the worst from Fall to Spring.


What exactly is RSV-

RSV, or respiratory syncytial [sin-sish-uhl] virus, is a contagious viral disease that may infect a person’s lungs and breathing passages.

In babies, RSV generally causes mild to moderate cold-like symptoms. But in certain high-risk infants it can cause serious lung infections and hospitalization.



Some ways to prevent RSV is to wash your hands, keep your child away from big crowds(Easier said then done), Wash their toys/bedding often, don’t let them be around anyone that smokes. ( Tobacco smoke irritates babies’ airways. It affects the growth of their lungs. While all babies can be harmed by tobacco smoke, premature babies are especially prone to lung problems when they leave the nursery.)

Sometimes when we have siblings in school or your child is in daycare. You do your best and thats what matters. Love them and comfort them. Your doing great!

Want to read more on RSV. Check out the RSV prevention website.



  1. A friend of mine had a son who got leukemia. She made it her life’s work to discover how he got sick. She worked for years and found the cause. Basically, it started with RSV, went into Asthma, and then, paired with the tungsten (I think it was tungsten) in jet fuel, turned into leukemia. She tested this theory over and over with the same results. She presented these findings at a symposium in Anaheim. But because she was an undergrad, her professor (though he did none of the work) was credited with the findings. Then he buried them. Be careful where you live with this little one. Try not to live near an airport or air base, around which there are pods of children with leukemia.

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