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The Holidays are coming and we end up taking a ton of photos. I’m talking about photos with our phones. I can tell you, I have over 15,000 Photo on my phone. Horrible I know. I am a photo hoarder. I recently got the Picture Keeper and it has helped me feel free again, in the photo space in my phone world. I know a ton of people that run out of room esp on their I phone. Some people will take photos with snap chat because there is no more space on their camera roll. Picture keep would be the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for them. Free up your mobile memory in a super simple way.


not so savvy with new gadgets or just sorta get lazy sometimes. no worries this is a product for almost anyone.They are simple and convenient to use with no software to install, no wires to connect, no complicated setup, and no passwords to remember. It doesn’t get easier then that.

While this product is great for no tech savvy people its also amazing for people that travel and want to preserve all their photos. It’s also a great tool for busy families or large ones, also photographers would have some use with it! Another bonus is you don’t need any wifi or data to back anything up.


It’s a simple all-in-one USB device with embedded software that makes it easy to transfer photos, contacts and videos directly from your Phone or Tablet (iOS and Android) to your Mac or PC. It doesn’t get much easier then that. Don’t forget that school goer too. Want photos of everything they see, send hem over a care package with a Picture Keeper in it. Send an already filled Picture Keeper to family members. Then can get a gift with all the photos you gave them plus they can reuse it themselves. Best products are ones that keep on giving.


Stuff a stocking this Holiday or get one because you want it. Grab one for a gift. They have several Gb sizes to choose from and are available for iPhone and Android. Don’t run out of storage when you really need it. If you are going somewhere remote like maybe a dessert. Bring one of these to make sure you get every single picture you want!

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