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Brought to you by The Grid. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

New year is apon us and everyone has new goals. Lot of people start blogs or a new business. Some just want a website of their own. The Grid is as easy as a social network. It’s built for some serious writing too. Say you run into an epic story and it has to be shared. This doesn’t happen everyday but today it did. The grid is an amazing place to share and stories such as these are a staple for the internet.

They will also be offering commerce functionality under limited availability and rolling out generally 2017. You can join now and get a free domain on them. Get started today and set fourth on the internet.

When designing your site you can click redesign as many time as you want until Molly learns what you like. Everything is basically personalized to your brand and you. Convert visitors to customers and passerbys to followers.

Call-to-actions are buttons to get people to sign up, buy, follow, schedule an appointment, to take the next step. Sites on the Grid have up to 2 primary call-to-actions that will take prominence site-wide. Posts on the Grid can have unlimited call-to-actions, but best keep it to l or 2.

Give them a try and learn more by visiting their website here.


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