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Why you should book your summer holiday now

I’m sure many of you are only just managing to cope with the stress and expense of the Christmas break, so the last thing you’re thinking about is booking your 2017 summer holiday. However, that’s exactly what you should be doing! If you love getting more for your money, and throughout all of this miserable weather you’ve been dreaming of some tropical beach somewhere, then start scouring the travel sites before it’s too late. Still need convincing? Here are a few more reasons why you should be booking your summer holiday this winter.

You can get yourself a great deal

Most people like to take a look at the January sales, but did you ever think of buying your next holiday in them? Given the drab weather and the fact most people have been spending all their money on Christmas preparations, holiday companies like to put on a variety of deals in the new year to help drive sales. If you already have somewhere in mind, you could save a huge amount by taking advantage of one of these offers.

Beat the competition to it

As I said above, most people are still recovering from Christmas, but this means that you can reap the rewards. While everyone else is hanging on until that next pay check at the end of January, you’ll be able to get the best deals right at the beginning of the sales month. Plus, if you go into an independent travel agent, you may be able to negotiate a better deal at the start of the month when there’s less footfall.

It pays to be organized

Once you’ve booked your dream holiday, it then frees up your mind for other things. You don’t have to get stressed about it anymore, and instead, you have plenty of time to get organized and save money in the process. You have a date to work towards for saving spending money, you can pick up summer outfits at retailers like Target in the winter when they are on clearance. Coupon box can really help on saving even further. You can book things like currency, airport parking and so on, well in advance for the best rates.

The best places sell out fast

Finally, as with most things, the longer you leave it, the more expensive things become. If you want theatre tickets, you book early to secure the seats you want. Top holiday destinations are no different, becoming far harder to book as the month goes on. The best hotels will sell out fast, so if you want to make sure you get that perfect French villa you’ve been dreaming of, that luxurious Spanish suite, or a room at the best Niagara Falls hotel in town, make sure you act fast to avoid missing out.

Where are you thinking of going in 2017? Did you manage to bag yourself a bargain last year? If so, why not let me know your story by leaving me a comment in the section below.


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