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I do a lot of editing, right! Well On my blog I sometimes take 100 photos and have to narrow it down to 30. But then I actually need to narrow it down to like five! I don’t want to overload you guys with photos. I found Fotor and plan on using it so much more now. You can use free templates or buy a subscriptions and have access to everything. You can make birthday cards, facebook covers, collages, editing photos and more.

It’s be so fun to play with but also useful. I can now add five photos to one collage and not have to compromise on awesome photos. It’s really easy as well. Below I tried out before I bought it a collage. I used their photos but there sooo many ways to customize things, its a little over whelming but so fun.

They also offer regular photo editing, even if you take awesome photos ┬áit’s sometimes fun to play around with. Everyone can use a facebook header editor. Use it to look more professional or fun. Express yourself!

Valentines is right around the corner guys and gals. You can make Valentines cards as well. EK! I bet a personally printed card will blow your “lover” away. You took that time ti find it and create it. My kids also love making cards to give to their grandparents for Holidays and such too.

Fotor is fueled by creation. Jump on Fotor and see what they have to offer. Give them a try with their free templates and then buy their subscription if you love it! I loved it, so it worked out for me. Plus the kids love creating with it. There are so many more features to it as well like beauty retouches, HDR, graphic design, etc.


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