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Christmas just passed and New Year is in full swing. Our kids will be a year older. If you think a year older is nothing, just wait! It seems them completely change some years. This year my 8 year old got a ipod touch. It’s a big step because thats a lot of free range. of course we monitor it as best as we can, has passwords, no texting etc. Next thing she is going to want is an iPhone. When she is in sports it would be super convenient for her to have her own phone. I just don’t trust the world. So I would need to monitor it and everything but how? KidGuard has come up with a great solution.

You can monitor and spy on your kids texts too. Like ok, they need personal space but if it’s something a little shady it doesn’t help to just be in the know how. I’d for sure want to know who my daughter was talking too especially at her age.

If you need some reason to spy on the kids these are some ideas. Also check out KidGuard Parent guide. You can track inappropriate content. Big concern for me is preventing an online predator. Even if you have things blocked or controlled, there is always a way and you can never be to safe with your kids. You can make sure they aren’t getting to distracted on things like texting when they should be doing homework. KidGuard┬áis also a great way to build trust with your child. They won’t be able to lie persay, so you’d have the upper hand in giving them the benefit of the dout to speak up or follow the rules.

You can never be to careful with your kids especially when a lot of kids are getting all this access at such a young age. You can do text, GPS, and much more. Give it a free 7 day trial and watch a live demo on their website.


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