How to Maintain a Fresh Paint Job

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How to Maintain a Fresh Paint Job

You know that red sports car that’s always catching your eye? Or that yellow speedster you pass every morning on the way to work? Instead of envying those guys, you can be one of them. Maybe you can’t afford a high-end vehicle, but you can certainly boast just as impressive of a paint job.

Dressing up your ride is as simple as following a few easy steps. Perhaps the best news is that your vehicle’s makeover won’t even cost you a fortune. With thousands of car supply companies to choose from, there is no shortage of suitable options for your project. Most of them are only one click away.

Bargain Shopping Over the last five years nearly $10 billion has been spent on car cleaning services and tools. That total accounted for a 3 percent market increase over the same time span. And, with car purchases rising every year, there is no sign of the momentum slowing down. Products for washing, waxing, and detailing line the shelves of every store in the industry.

The choices are overwhelming, but with the proper guidance it’s easy to select the right tools for the job. Combine your new products with a little elbow grease and your car’s coat has never looked better. Just follow these suggestions to get started on that sheen everyone will be jealous of.

Wax On, Wax Off

If your coat is going to shimmer as brightly as possible, you need to put the suds to it every week. Spending an hour on a Saturday morning scrubbing your car doesn’t require that much effort. While the car wash may seem tempting, there’s nothing quite as detailed and rigorous as a generous hand washing. Opt for your favorite brand of car shampoo and get to work. And, after you’re done, you can get started on the polishing.

Before you get too overwhelmed by a long list of requirements for keeping your paint job sharp, know that you’ll only need to polish and wax twice a year. Any more than that is likely to do damage to the finish. A comprehensive waxing is essential to shielding your vehicle from acid rain and damaging UV rays though. Simply applying a coat in both the spring and fall should enhance your car’s overall look significantly.

While you’re at it, you might as well splurge for the detailing option. Hand washings are necessary, but having the professionals work on every in and out of your vehicle once a year is never a bad idea. Following this plan of action will ensure that your car maintains mint condition for a maximum lifespan.

Protection Is Key

No car is safe if left out in the elements. That doesn’t mean you have to erect an expensive garage; instead you should just select the best car cover available. A cover that prevents moisture and shields your automobile from debris and potential dangers is well worth the investment.

And, on the rare occasions your car is out from under the cover, you’ll want to immediately remove any impurities that find a way onto the paint job. Bird poop, sap, and other sticky substances can leave permanent damage if not addressed instantly.

Take Precautions

There’s a reason why you always see the nicest car in the lot parked in a group of empty spaces. It’s because that’s the best way to avoid door dings and nicks. The less traffic means the better chance your car stays clear of any havoc.

Lastly, it’s important to sweat the small stuff. Every detail matters when attempting to maintain a fresh paint job. The tires and the glass both factor into the overall look, meaning you should pay careful attention to what products you’re using. Try non-acidic tire cleaner when wiping down your treads. Non-smear windshield wipes are also a great idea when touching up the glass.

Meticulous work may sound like a hassle, but it’s the only way to achieve an optimal look. And, as a bonus, you’ll be able to spot inconsistencies or potential problems before they have a chance to do significant damage. Knowing your car inside and out is always recommended. By being particular, you’ll preserve a gleaming, glorious overall look.


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