How to spend 1 week in Ukraine

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How to spend 1 week in Ukraine

Ukraine can really became an interesting and fascinating destination for travelers and bring the unforgettable travel experience. This country is often overlooked by European and other international tourists, as they consider Ukraine to be a difficult destination to travel to. Many of them are concerned about safety issues due to the conflict that’s going on in the eastern part of the country, others are worried about the language barrier. Our web rounds up some useful tips on how to spend 1 week traveling in Ukraine without any fuss and worries.

Let us bust some myths first. Sadly, the situation in the eastern part of Ukraine is not yet stable. However, the conflict area is currently occupying only the remote eastern areas of the country. The conflict zone has no tendency toward expanding, which makes the rest of the territory of Ukraine (which is pretty vast) a safe area to travel around.

Local people in Ukraine are mostly really welcoming and friendly, especially in bigger cities and tourist destinations, where locals have already got used to international travelers. The younger generation of Ukrainians speaks English, so the language barrier won’t be a problem, at least in major Ukrainian travel destinations.

Our web recommends to plan your itinerary carefully in advance. These days you can find almost all useful information about traveling to and across Ukraine on-line. Travelers can easily plan their transport connections within Ukraine using user friendly web sites of National Railway Company, various coach bus companies, taxi and individual transfer services as well as can find all up-to-date information on public transport. These days almost all transport services can be booked and paid online.

The way you spend 1 week in Ukraine and enjoy ultimate travel experience also depends on the time of the year you are planning to visit this country. Ukraine’s continental climate is something a good traveler has to prepare himself for. Be sure to have a suitable clothes and foot wear for the season you plan to travel. Despite the weather, which can get really harsh, Ukraine has something interesting to offer touristy-wise in every season.

In case you are planning to visit Ukraine in winter, especially during the winter holiday season, suggests to visit Lviv (the biggest city in the Western Ukraine) to explore unique Ukrainian cultural identity of this country. Thousands of travelers come to Lviv every year to celebrate winter holidays with in authentic Ukrainian style. Lviv is a well-known tourist mecca of Ukraine with developed hospitality infrastructure, which makes this city one of the safest bets among all the other local travel destinations.

Kyiv, being the capital of Ukraine, is a busy and modern metropolis offering quite a number of tourist attractions. Travelers can devote a day or two to this beautiful Ukrainian city in order to explore various historical landmarks (mostly churches and temples) dating back to Kyivan Rus’ times, vibrant cultural life (there are many interesting art galleries, museum exhibitions and other cultural happenings) and fun night life with Ukraine’s finest night clubs, bars and restaurants.

Ukraine is a beautiful and vast country in Eastern Europe that boasts a supreme geographical position. There are ski resorts in the west and beautiful sandy beaches in the south. In case you are planning your trip to Ukraine during warm months of late spring or summer, Odesa is a place to visit for ultimate seaside relaxations and vibrant night life. Odesa, being a popular travel destination of Ukraine, offers a great range of accommodation from budget however clean and hip hostels to exclusive hotels with a top notch service. During summer this city, which is often referred to as the southern pearl of Ukraine, turns into bustling melting pot of cultures, languages and nations, so international travelers will not feel any discomfort here.

Other popular travel destinations in Ukraine include Kamyanets Podilsky Fortress, Askania Nova natural reserve, Chernivtsi University building and many others. Traveling to these

less popular places in Ukraine may be a bit challenging, however, with a right planning it should be a pleasant experience anyway.


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