Tips To Spice Things Up (In The Bedroom)

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Is it getting a bit dull or uneventful in the bedroom. Valentines Day is almost here and it’s the perfect time to try something new and spice things up. Change from the normal married couple bedroom routine. Try something out of the box. Don’t be embarassed and talk with your partner. Sometimes you find out things your both potentially into. Let’s get real here, you need communication in any relationship even a sexual one. Most times we just let things go and don’t try anymore.

Heres some tips of spicing things up out of the normal. These may be things you already do or use to do. Revisit what made you attracted to your partner before. What things did you guys use to do that made you unable to wait to get home and behind a closed door.

First try a movie date. Yes an actual date. If you have kids, ask a friend to help out. Offer to watch their kids one night if they watch yours(This is a win win for both parties). Can also hire a baby sitter or ask a family member. Go back to the just dating roots. For me that was a lot of movies and walking around a mall. Sometimes mini golf and stuff. So naturally movies make me feel like excited and like I am reliving the dating stage of our relationship. (Adults) Make out in the car before the movie, give each other something to think about until you get home.

Do something out of the normal. Always wanted to go to a arcade and blow some money, something fast like a go kart, heres my opinion, DO IT! Somethings doing something out of the normal and just different is all it takes to feel those butterflies again. It’s a little daring doing something new and something you’ve been wanting to do and finally making time for it is another bonus. Just figure it out. I know easier said then done but I promise it can happen. If you need to save for that baby sitter and night out, do that. Save $5 here and there until you have enough. Where ever there is a will there is a way! Maybe go to that amusement park and ride a few thriller rides.

Another option is to introduce something in the bedroom. Whatever you guys are into or wanting to try, try it. Your an adult and theres no reason to not explore with your partner. You can head over to LubeZilla and have a variety of options to choose from. Try a new toy, some lube, or buy the basics like condoms. There is discreet billing an shipping, so if you are shy about that part of your relationship. There is no worrying. LubeZilla has awesome products to explore for yourself or together. For Valentines head over and grab something fun.

One last tip, send an email or text. Give them a reminder that your thinking about them. Even some nice words just so they know they are on your mind. It works, My husband sometimes sends me texts like “I love you, hope your had a good morning” It’s simple but it makes me remember he’s thinking of “ME” and how lucky I am!


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