How to Avoid Scams on Online Dating Sites: 7 Steps

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How to Avoid Scams on Online Dating Sites: 7 Steps

More and more people nowadays go online in searches of an ideal romantic match. Modern technologies allow us to find love even on the other side of the planet and this is amazing. Have you made up your mind to it too? Then I have a few tips that will help you to experience safe online dating.

1. Search for a lady’s image on the Internet

Modern people have used to pictures all around and this might bring certain problems. Say, when you come to a Russian women dating site, it is super easy to fall in love with just their stunning photos. Not so fast! You see, scammers typically steal images of attractive people from other social media and upload them on fake profiles. Prior to kicking your lively communication off, do an image search.

2. Don’t reveal any personal details

Most people living on the Earth are active Internet users. Which means the online community is extremely diverse so you should distinguish safe communication from unsafe. Online dating services provide everything you need to have fun without disclosing your home address, phone number, personal email etc. In order to protect your privacy, don’t add this data to your profile.

3. Keep an eye on questions you are asked

Protection of your safety also refers to what you reveal about yourself during an online conversation. Fraudsters constantly invent new techniques to deceive credulous online daters. They tell heartbreaking stories, confess love to you, and get very intimate. This should evoke your suspiciousness! Especially if your “match” pushes you to send her some banking data or information about your job and income. This is definitely a sign someone is trying to cash in on you.

4. Have a specific image for online dating

Yes, I’ve already told you about the importance of an image search. But what else you should know is that your photo can be stolen too. That’s why I recommend you having a specific picture for online dating services: this is a way to protect your major social media accounts.

5. Don’t get attached

First of all, this doesn’t work usually. It is pretty easy to fall in love via the Internet but I’d advise you keep your feet on the ground. Before anything “serious” will happen between the two of you, get to know each other.

6. Don’t agree to participate in fishy undertakings

Online fraudsters invite their victims to take part in some operations like sending expensive gifts or antiques to third persons or transferring large sums of money outside their native countries. If someone on an online dating site offers you a share as a reward for participation, beware of this person!

7. Pick the right site

What is the most proper way to ensure your safety? Right, choosing a trustworthy dating resource. Don’t sign up for a first available service, check out their privacy policy and make sure they have the anti-scam system on their site. Choose only services that provide verified profiles of girls!


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