Finding FIDO Is My New Fave

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Brought to you by Finding FIDO.

Have your grown sick and tired of t.v shows that are matching couples. Well there is a new show I think all of us dog lovers can BARK up. Finding FIDO is all about matchmaking—only instead of human couples, host Seth Casteel is pairing people with pooches. Throughout the episode, families meet with three different adoptable dogs in order find the perfect fit for both the pups and the humans. The show airs Tuesdays 9-9:30pm.

I know when we were looking for a new family member young or old it was overwhelming. So many factors and we just simply loved them all for all kinds of reason. You can’t bring them all home, so you have to narrow it down. The final questions comes down too will this guy or girl fit into our life. Finding FIDO is about matching a family with their forever friend.

I mean it can’t get better then this. As we sit at home wishing we were the ones getting a new friend, we can happily watch these families add a new member.

When we found our rescue it was after seeing many, many dogs. She was also a mix pit bull breed and one thought I had going into the rescue was I didn’t want a “pit bull” Not because we didn’t think they were good dogs just because we didn’t necessarily wanna deal with all the restrictions that come along with them. As well as I had my heart set on a more fluffy dog. You know what we ended up leaving with? The dog we didn’t have at the top of the list. She was only 18 weeks old and so scared of the noises and other dogs. We took her home and she has been the best dog ever. She is so so loving and so smart. People talk about potty training dogs, well she was already good in that department. I’ve never loved as much as I have fallen for her! I can say we found the perfect match and I won’t ever exclude anything breed of dog again. Everyone dog is different and it’s about finding one that you love.

Tune in to Finding FIDO. “Every Dog Deserves A Home
Just because a dog doesn’t find their perfect match on the show, doesn’t mean they don’t get their own happily ever after.”

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