Outfit Wish List From NIC+ZOE

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Brought to you by NIC+ZOE.

It’s winter now but guess what!!! March is right around the corner and that means SPRING! I’m already thinking of what sorta summer clothing I am going to want to wear. Let’s start with spring, I love pastels and fun clothing this time of year. I still love my sweaters though. NIC+ZOE has a variety of all sorts of goodies. You can get dresses, pants, sweaters, and so much more.

I have a major wish list from them! (these are just a few things)

First thing on my wish list is this Moonlight Zipper Dress. This is AHHH-mazing. They have sizes up to 16 and also plus sizes up to 3X. They even have in some options petite, regular, and plus. This dress reminds me of the ocean. picture wearing it with a cute top and shorts or pants. It’s almost perfect for all year long too. So many ways to wear this piece.

Speaking of spring if you don’t like pastels like everyone else! They have this amazing Fiore Twirl Dress. It’s vibrant and fun. Plus its a flattering style. Pair it with a super cute cardigan for an extra pop of color or a tone down.

Not to into dresses and want something more casual. They have that too! One of my must haves would be the Modern Romance top and pair it with Femme Denim Jacket. This is so cute and simple. Make a statement with  shoes or a necklace.

NIC + ZOE is an amazing line with so much variety. They have so many different styles you should be able to find a few things you’d love! It’s a great shopping experience where a lot of items can fit together and be as simple or vibrant as you are. If you don’t like whats on my wish list, check them out then! They have so many things to choose from even accessories.


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