A Stay Like No Other

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Got to stay compliments of The Inn at Bowman’s Hill.

Looking for a top destination with an experience you won’t forget. Maybe you want to celebrate your anniversary and take your loved one to somewhere extra special. You could also just be looking for a nice place to stay while visiting New Hope, Pa. The Inn at Bowman’s Hill is your destination and you won’t want to leave. If you want to go all in, you’ll want to try the Penthouse Suite.

The Inn at Bowman’s Hill offers some standard rooms that are really luxurious. They also offer some more upscale rooms like the Penthouse suite. They are all amazing and all qualities you won’t find in just another Inn. Whats more important then the room itself? The people that run it. It’s truly a small corner of New Hope that is in it’s own time. The workers greet you with a smile, if you chat a little you can even get a small story from them. They are the most polite people I have ever seen. They truly try to make everything perfect for you and your liking. If you want to go there and not be bothered that s just fine as well. There are workers but it’s not over run with them. You will actually have privacy if you want it and so on.


If you want to go for a walk around their property, they encourage it. They have a beautiful pool to take a dip in. Maybe you want to have breakfast in there dinning area. You can also have breakfast in bed or out on your balcony (like we did). They have their own chickens you can see and yes they are working chickens and produce eggs for your breakfast. If your looking for somewhere to go for dinner, they also will have plenty of amazing suggestions for you. Your so close to New Hope, is an amazing little town. You could just walk around that town for hours.

As soon as you pull up to their gates, you feel like your somewhere secluded and special. You’ll have an amazing stay even if just visiting in town or for your anniversary, etc. For some people the price is right and some it may be a little higher depending what suite you stay in and adds you include. It’s totally worth whatever price you pay. The fact they have something affordable and something a little more is perfect for almost everyone looking for this getaway.

If your imagining it in Spring time, your in lucky. The Inn is magnificent. Any season and I believe you’ll have a treat. If you ca splurge for the Pent House I majorly suggest doing so. It’s so worth it. The view alone and breakfast on the balcony.  They offer many, many rooms. So make sure you check them all out. Another favorite room of mine is the General Washington. You get a bath tub with a private view.

The pent house suite you’ll arrive up some steps. You’ll walk into a huge room with an oversized plushy looking bed. It’s truly a comfortable home feeling. There is a fireplace and some other furniture. There is a little room off the main one that has bench seating and small couch with fireplace. With a almost fully glass, window wall it overlooks the pool and yard. Then there is a door leading to a balcony. You can see the chickens right from your door. Going back inside and to the main room. You’ll see their amazing bathroom. If your a man or a women that just love bathrooms, you’ll be falling in love with this one. Two person shower with all sorts of trinkets you can try. It’s a spa within a shower. Let’s move onto the tub. (UMM WOW) They ave a hand painted shooting star mural on the ceiling. The stars do twinkle and there is a shooting star every five minutes! Let’s talk about the t.v you can watch while soaking. That totally made me want a t.v. in my bathroom now.. (LOL)

You won’t be sorry for staying here in any form. The accommodations are spectacular, the view is perfect, the town is cute, and the people here are above and beyond. Check out The Inn at Bowman’s Hill and everything they have to offer. A luxury getaway you’ll be glad you took.

“The 800 square foot Penthouse Suite is located on the 3rd floor of the Manor House accessed via two flights of stairs. This amazing space features a large bedroom with exposed beams, an oversized bathroom, separate toilet room, separate sitting room with queen sleeper and a small deck with panoramic views of the pool, grounds, pond and woodlands.”


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