Easy baby diaper bag organizers

*Disclosure: I have received product free for review. These thoughts are solely my own.

It seems that every time I go in to get something out of my diaper bag it is a mess and I can not find anything. Did you ever wish that there was a product that is cute and organizers your diaper bag? Easy baby has the cutest bags that are labeled so you can find things easily and keep your bag organized!

Before Easy babyEasy baby┬ámy diaper bag was a hot mess! My husband would get annoyed that he couldn’t find anything, I was forgetting to restock diapers and wipes because I didn’t know we were out and we were always needing spare clothes with having a potty training toddler. Now I know when I need to restock all of that and can access it just by knowing which color bag has what! The Easy baby bags come in three prints: polka dot, seersucker and brooklyn. Each bag is labeled for all of your needs from changing, feeding, dressing, and entertaining! The bags slide nicely together in my bag and would be easily stacked if you have a taller diaper bag.

Easy baby has two different sets you can purchase depending on your needs. They have a 4 bag set and an 8 bag set. So if you are a minimalist the four bag set would be perfect for you; and if you need to plan for every thing then the eight bag set would be amazing for you! The four bag set runs for 49 USD and the eight bag set runs for 79 USD.

The creator, Danielle, was a mom in corporate America that got her special education degree. Once her son was born she created this product and it was a huge hit in her mom groups and she learned how to start this amazing business! It has helped my family and I am sure it can help yours! Purchase yours today!


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